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Onsite CRM Software

The nature of the Internet and the many changes brought about by it and related technologies ultimately mean that your customers and your marketing team are spending a lot more time talking to each other. While this can be a good thing in the long run, it puts a serious burden on your staff. One of the things you need to consider is whether or not everybody your team is going to be on the same page when talking to their customers.

That’s where your customer relationship management system can really pay for itself and then some. A CRMS lets every person in your company see the same information about every customer every time. This insures that the entire team is working together instead of each one starting over with new and different data every single time.

But CRM doesn’t stop there. A great system is going to do so…

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Lama Surya Das

John E.:

I have been reading your books for many years and am now.  They bring me peace and hope.  In my area we have but one Buddhist temple and it is Kadampa not Dzogchen. I have purchased a copy of The Buddhist Path.  I’m seeking advice: can I just practice Dzogchen, take the Bodhisattva vow on my own and do my best in my own way?  Thank you so much.

Lama Surya Das:

Sure, you can fruitfully and even joyously just practice Dzogchen, take the Bodhisattva vow on your own, and do your best in your own way, as you say…no problem there.

Buddha himself said, on his deathbed lying beneath a Sal tree in N India, these final words, “All conditioned things are impermanent, work out your salvation with diligence.” Then he slipped into nirvanic peace and deathless ease, as ‘tis said. I suggest that you could learn a little more about…

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Lama Surya Das

Among all the substances we misuse and abuse, the greatest is time. Time is life; we squander it at our peril. Killing time deadens ourselves.

Almost everyone I encounter complains that they don’t have enough. But where did it all go? Why aren’t our labor-saving devices and faster means of travel and communication liberating us? Or at the very least, providing us with more leisure to accomplish the things that we want and need to do, or letting us simply slow down and enjoy what we’ve worked so hard for?

Does anyone have time today? I do! During the 40 years I’ve spent studying and teaching Buddhism, and in the process of writing my new book, “Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now,” I’ve learned how to find, make, and keep time.

Actually, it’s not time we lack; it’s focus, awareness and a sense of…

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Wooden furniture is the best option if you are thinking about buying furniture that should be placed in your home. Wood has beautiful pattern and lines which makes it naturally beautiful. Durability of wood also makes it’s a perfect choice. We can keep wooden furniture both indoors or the outdoors since it doesn’t get damaged due to termite and fungus.

Wooden furniture looks stylish and is strong by nature it will increase the beauty of your home. Being robust and stylish naturally, your wooden furniture will make nice central points and décor where all eyes will look at. It has genuine and antique style. Your taste is reflected in the choice of colours and design that you have for your home. People love to show their home to friends and family thus if you have a personal touch to each piece of furniture at home chances are that people in your circle will start following you and seek your advice if ever they decide to change the way their home looks.

With above mentioned features of wooden furniture its cleaning is also very easy and simple all you need to do to clean it is just wipe it. For stains, you may need cleaning products, but it will be simple and easy just remember never try to clean it with water as it is not at all good for wooden furniture since it can catch moisture. Investment in wooden furniture will make long lasting and smart investment. You get the beauty, quality, and comfort all in one package, the best thing is that Jerome’s furniture provides you quality wood furniture at reasonable prices. Thus maintenance and upkeep of Furniture from Jerome’s is quite easy and hassle free.

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